My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Had company over holidays and am now getting back in the swing of teaching sixth grade so haven't had much time to update.

Guess Mama is still discombobulated by our unusual holiday schedules because she hasn’t been sleeping well the past few nights. This means that I have not been sleeping well either!

Last night she was waving to someone she thought was in the front yard. It took me a little while (Lack of sleep has slowed down MY mental faculties) to figure out she was waving to our reflections in the front storm door and the living room windows. She would smile, wave at the door, say, "Well, hello!", and then get up to go greet the lady. Of course, when she got to the door, the lady disappeared. No wonder she is confused! I tried to show her that it was our reflections by waving to her. She just waved back to the likeness and got up to tell us hello. I finally gave up.

I guess the woman she keeps thinking is in the backyard comes from seeing her own reflection in her bedroom window.

Mama has not felt to well lately either. Penny and I think she has a bladder infection—you really don’t want to hear what brought us to that conclusion. She won’t let the doctor examine her. Penny and I have both attempted to get urine samples, but that isn’t going to happen. Penny talked Dr. G. into prescribing an antibiotic since Mama was beginning to hold her side and complain of it hurting. She started taking it on Monday, but don’t think it really kicked in until last night. Mama felt clammy and had a lot of trouble with her balance. I finally talked her into getting ready for bed around 8:30. She sat down on the bed, but she was not able to get her dress off. I tried to help, but it hurt her to move so I just swung her legs onto the bed, covered her up, and checked on her every few minutes. Around 11:30 she got up to go to the bathroom. I knew she was on the mend because she would not have been able to get up by herself otherwise.

This morning she was up and seemed better. Will check with Penny shortly to see how the day is progressing.

hugs until next time.