My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Mama is heating up her supper--for the second time in an hour. We ate at six then I put on a tape of Wheel of Fortune. We watched it. Now she is ready to eat again since we usually eat AFTER Wheel, not before. A new life ever 30 seconds.

She finally slept last night---First time in ages. She even took a nap today. Now she is heating up food for my second supper. I am signing off to go find some Extra Strength Pain Reliever!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Mama has some creative solutions to her problems. She could not find her apron the other day. Instead, she found one of her slips. She put it on over her dress! I must admit I chuckled a bit before I went to find her apron. Talk about layering your clothing--slip, dress, slip. Very interesting fashion.

Penny said she spent the whole day trying to get out of the house. Penny finally locked the deadbolt to keep her inside. Mama would wait until Penny was out of the room and try to get the door open using a knife or whatever she could find (remember my phone charger????) Penny said a couple of times she would go into the kitchen just to see what Mama would do. When Mama went to the door, Penny would pop her head into the living room and ask Mama what she was doing. She said Mama would look guilty, then say, "I thought you went to the bathroom!"

Sunday, March 23, 2003

At 4:00 this beautiful Sunday afternoon, my cell phone rang. It was Mama calling to ask when I would be home. Now I have been sitting next to her since my last Blog entry. I walked into the kitchen trying to convince her that I was already home. She finally said, “You’re Connie?” I answered, “Yes, I am Connie and I am already here.” She said, “Oh. I love you. I love you. I love you.” See what a lasting impression I have!

She is dancing with the Lazy Boy Raccoon right now. She goes around and around and around; kisses him on the nose; says thank you, thank you thank you and I love you. Guess I had better go make sure she doesn’t fall.

Someone told me that my last entry was not a Mama Blog, but a Connie Blog. Well, our lives are all mixed together. Will try not to be so egotistical and focus on Mama from now on (or not!!)

NCAA Basketball and news of the War in Iraq are messing with our schedule. Mama is used to watching CBS from about 3 in the afternoon until Wheel of Fortune comes on at 6:30. (I find myself entering conversations with, “Well, Oprah says…………” I used to hate it when people did that, but I just can’t help myself.)

This week, however, the television has not been on a normal routine for programming. Friday night and Saturday night Mama wanted to eat at 6. We usually eat at 7. Then she gets her exercise running to the door a few times looking for "those people" before she goes to bed.

Friday night I was able to keep her up until around 8:30 by watching a movie and then putting on a tape of Wheel. She got ready for bed and came in to tell me goodnight. She had the robe she sleeps in on backwards--zipper in the back. I tried to get her to turn it around, but finally gave up! A little while later I walked into the bathroom and she had left a little present for me. I am not sure whether she forgot to lift the toilet lid or if she messed in her pants and tried to clean it up. There was a pile of poop on top of the toilet lid. YUCK! I grabbed some plastic gloves and my trusty Clorox Wipes (what would I do without those????) held my breath and cleaned it all up. She slept pretty well Friday night. Of course, she slept late all during my work week, but not on Saturday.

Saturday we stayed around the house until after a short afternoon nap. I decided we better take a ride or she would be ready to eat supper at 3:00. We went into town and built up Wal-Mart’s economy. She was still ready to eat at 6, but did sit and watch the tape of Wheel. (It does not matter if it is the same one over and over, she still claps when it comes on) She took her bath and went to bed. I did a few things then turned in early, too. At 2:30 A.M. she was standing in my doorway. I asked her what she wanted. She said, “I love you.” Then she proceeded to start dressing for church. I made her go back to bed. She was back up ten minutes later. I had to gently insist that she go back to bed. I climbed into bed with her to make sure she stayed there. She giggled for about five minutes because I was in her bed, then she dozed off. I was able to keep her down until 6:20. Then she was not going to listen to me anymore.

I climbed back into my bed thinking it would take her an hour to get ready. Not this morning! At 6:40 she was fussing at me to get up so we wouldn’t be late. I finally drug out a little before 7. I noticed her dress looked a little funny, so I decided to check it out. I guess she couldn’t find her bra so she ended up using a pair of underwear as a substitute. It was an unusual sight!! I was successful in getting her out of her “bra” and into the real thing. She was then ready to go to church. It was 7:30. I tried to tell her it was too early. She said, “Um huh, um huh, let’s go.” I held her off until 8:30 by having to take a shower and get dressed. She kept coming in while I was putting on my makeup saying, “Put something on and let’s go.” At 8:30 she was in the car waiting for me. Now we usually don’t leave the house until 9:30. I drove very slowly to Van Vleck then drove around a bit. I stopped and put gasoline in the car. That was all she could take. She said, “Take me there now.” I decided the preacher deserved to see her if she was that adamant about it. I guess she was so anxious to go because she didn’t take cookies to the “lady that talks” and the “man up there” last week. That was my fault for going on my vacation. She made a beeline for the preacher and gave her those “things.”

She was a little upset when Dan and Charlene didn’t come to class right away. I kept trying to tell her we were early, but that didn’t matter. She was ready so everyone else should be, too!!

We just woke up from a nice nap. Hope this doesn’t mean she will be up all night tonight. Wish me luck.

Hugs until next time………….