My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Friday, June 11, 2004

Dear All,
I guess I was too excited to make sense in my email yesterday. Margy is not interviewing for a job--she still has about another year in college. She is interviewing people for a documentary. I think she said it was a documentary about Jewish Children. I didn't get all the details so I may have it all wrong. Will clear it up when I find out more.

Last night I had Wheel of Fortune on and she was "telling" the people, "A. A." She hasn't told them what letter to choose in ages. I told Beverly this morning that I hope this isn't a sign that just as we think she is getting better, she lapses into the next stage in Alzheimer's. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Mama slept last night. She is kind of back in her "sleep one night, up two" pattern.


I am so excited today. Margy (my eldest niece) called a bit ago, and she is coming for a quick visit the first part of next week. She has some interviews to do in Houston, and is going to slip down to see us here. It will be so good to see her.

Mama did pretty well over the weekend. I got a humidifier for her room; she seems to be doing okay with the chewable allergy medicine, and the liquid vitamins seem to be kicking in . The combination of all of this seems to be helping. Her eyes don't seem as gunky even with the big rainy front that came through this morning. She seems more alert, too. She even said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." today. It has been a while since she came out with that. She noticed that some of the bananas were gone from the table. She told me she loved me. This is good news!

Of course who knows how long it will last. Will keep you posted!!

Hugs to one and all,