My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I can't believe it is October already.

My brother, David, came last weekend. We had a nice visit. I was able to sleep late while David took Mama to town for a bit. Betty and I headed for Lake Jackson Saturday afternoon and were able to do a little shopping, saw a movie, and ate out. It was an enjoyable Saturday.

When I got home, I told David he could go see his friends, Joey and Carol. Soon after he walked out the door, Mama waltzed in all dressed and ready for the "new" day. It was 9:00 PM. David came home around 11:00 and took over Mama Duty. He said she was up until 4:00 AM. She was back up around 9:00 Sunday morning. I got ready and took her to Sunday school and church while David rested from his active night.

I picked up some chicken for lunch, and then David watched football while I headed for my classroom to finish up my six weeks grades. I needed to add in comments and conduct grades before exporting them on Monday.

Mama was in bed when I got home. David headed back to his home, and I snoozed a bit. Mama was asleep until around 7:30 Sunday evening. She came out dressed and ready for another "new” day. Michelle came at 10:00 and took Mama to her house so she wouldn't be waking me up all night long. When I got up before six, Mama was still awake. She was so tired; she was stumbling all over the place. Michelle and I guided her to her bed. She didn't fight too much. Think Penny said she slept until around 11:00 Monday morning.

Penny took Mama to the dentist yesterday. The dentist said Mama had lost her bridge--the one we paid big bucks for a year or so ago. She said Mama had a few problems, but she recommended not doing anything about them at this time. She gave Penny a syringe to squirt water into Mama's mouth to flush out food particles we miss during brushing. More fun things to look forward to doing!!

My cousin, Jimmy, from Lafayette spent the night with us last night. He had come to attend the funeral of the man who lives in his mother’s house. Jimmy and I had a nice visit with Mama wandering in and out passing out hugs and kisses and telling us how pretty we were.

Jimmy's brother, Bobby, came today for the funeral. Mama and I met him at K-2 for an early supper. We had a nice visit with him, too. When we were about half way through with dinner, I looked up and saw Uncle Bill and Doris leaving the restaurant. Bobby ran and caught them. Turns out they had been waiting for us on the other side of the salad bar. We didn't see each other. They stayed and visited for a bit. It was nice to see them.

We all decided that we need to work on getting together more often. Since Aunt Exie and Aunt Jean passed on, and Mama began to "have a little trouble with her memory", we haven't had as many opportunities to have family gatherings. It really is too bad, since we are all such neat people. Cousins really are pretty special people. Maybe one day soon, I will get brave and invite everyone down--or we can just meet at K-2!!

Need to go grade papers.

Hugs until next time.....