My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Made it through last week with a few obstacles to overcome. Beverly started Monday afternoon (the 15th) then came Tuesday morning at 7:00 so I could get to work a little early. Penny came around 10:30 and stayed until I got home. Wednesday Beverly showed up for work and was too sick to stay. I ended up taking Mama to work with me, and Penny picked her up at school. The kids love for Mama to come because she hugs them, kisses them on the cheek, and tells them they are pretty!

Wednesday afternoon (or was it Tuesday?) Mama was supposed to go to the dentist. Penny called and said Mama was clammy, incoherent (am not sure how she could tell the latter!!), and had an upset tummy. Anyway, she cancelled the dentist appointment and drove over to the doctor's office. He thought Mama may have had a stroke at first, but blood work didn't show signs of this. He gave her an antibiotic & something to settle her tummy. Am not sure if she had food poisoning or if we gave her a couple of doses of medicine. Every thing was so topsy turvy last week, who knows. Mama is much better by this writing.

Thursday morning Beverly was still ill. I had to go to a workshop in Victoria which is an hour and a half away. I got Mama up and dressed in time to pick up Lenora in Van Vleck, drop Mama off at Penny's, stop at McDonald's for a snack, and make it to the workshop on time. Penny just kept Mama at her house until I picked her up.

Thursday night Beverly called and said she could come on Friday. I told her to wait until Monday. I called Pearl Ree, and bless her heart, she came early so I wouldn't have to drag Mama out so early in the morning. She stayed until Penny could get there.

This weekend was once again four "Mama days" long. I was in trouble AGAIN for supposedly not telling her we were going to church. I tried, but she wouldn't listen!!

Class is about to begin so must close for now. Until next time...