My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Saturday, May 24, 2003

School is out for the summer!! Can't believe this year is already over. For all the garbage going on in my life, it really was a good school year. But enough about me, it’s time for my mama story of the day.

Today is Saturday. Mama slept a little later than usual and has been confused all day long. She thought I was Penny. She kept asking when we were going. I finally put her in the car and drove to town. On the way there I finally convinced her that I was her daughter. She said, “Oh, I thought you were the other one.”

We drove around a bit and then came on back to the house. She watched a little TV then fixed her lunch. She ate a few bites and put her plate up. I washed the dishes; she dried them and put them away. We watched a little TV. She walked outside to find “the man” a few times. I stretched out on the couch to snooze a little. She got up and heated up her plate. She ate, fussing at me the entire time because I wouldn’t come eat. I could not convince her that we had already eaten. She then sat in the living room for about three minutes, came over and kissed my cheek, and proceeded to get into her pajamas so she could go to bed for the night. It was one o’clock in the afternoon. I tried to convince her that it was daytime, but finally gave up and decided I would just give in and take a nap myself! I know it was a big sacrifice, but what can I say, I do what I can!

After a really nice nap, Mama got up to go to the bathroom and came in to cover me up. I was definitely not cold. She went back to bed; I went ahead and got up wondering how I would convince her that it was still Saturday. I finally decided to put her clothes out just as if it was morning. In about half an hour, she got up and got dressed for the day. She ate breakfast, again. We watched a little TV. I changed sheets on both beds and started washing her dresses.

She waited until about 5:30 to fix her plate—again. She was very excited that I ate with her. We cleaned up the dishes, watched the rest of the news and for the first time in a long time, she watched “Wheel of Fortune”. She giggled and clapped just like she did before she started going to bed at 6:15. I noticed some smoke coming from the dining room. Found scorched rolls in the toaster oven. She usually does not turn it on hot enough; this time she had it as high as it would go. The rolls were charred; the house was full of smoke.

Guess what she did after watching “Wheel”, you got it; she fixed another meal. So today she has eaten every meal at least twice. Guess it is a good thing she isn’t eating very much at each sitting, or we would have a definite weight gain here!! We were out of rolls so she hunted in the fridge for a replacement. I finally fixed her a piece of toast. We are out of butter; she tried to put watermelon and chocolate pudding on the bread. I finally took some of my spray butter (no taste and no calories) and poured it into her butter container. She replied, “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.” She fussed at me for not eating. I just shook my head and started typing this story.

When she finished this meal, I told her she needed to take a bath—she does that only on Saturday night. I did not want her to miss this event. I showed her the tub with the shower chair in place. She said, “Oh, okay I will do that.” I came back to type some more. I didn’t hear any water running. I got up to check; sure enough she was slipping into bed. I pulled her up with her protesting the entire time saying, “You give it to them if they come. I am going to sleep.” Guess she thought someone had come wanting one of her cookies. I gently guided her into the bathroom, pointed to the tub, and said, “You NEED to take a bath.” She answered, “Oh, I guess I will take that.” I have snuck in to make sure she ran water. I am not brave enough to actually give her a bath. I just kind of hope she hits all her stinky parts, and I try not to breathe too deeply!

She just finished her weekly bath. She didn’t come to hug me goodnight as she usually does, so I went in to hug her. She grabbed hold of the sheets like she expected me to pull her up and make her take another bath. I just hugged her and wished her happy dreams.

She will probably be back in here within the hour so guess I had better go get a few things accomplished around the house. I don’t get much done while she is awake because she wants me sitting in the living room with her. When she goes to bed, she thinks I should be in bed. Life is just so hectic around this house!!

Until later.