My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Monday, October 06, 2003

Last Thursday Penny and Beverly double teamed Mama into the bathtub. They said she was NOT a happy camper. She gritted her teeth and told them, “You can go now!” then she tried to go to sleep when they finished. They went through the ordeal again today with pretty much the same scenario. Penny wondered about her wanting to go to sleep after her bath. I told her that Mama used to take her baths at night after we were all in bed. Then she went to sleep. I guess that memory is still there somewhere. Guess they are going to try to bathe her three times a week.

She slept a lot this weekend. She went to bed early and slept all night both nights. She also slept during the day so I got in a couple of really nice naps myself! She would yell for me to “Come here!” any time I walked passed her door. I would go in and she would kiss me on both cheeks and tell me I was pretty. A couple of times she would say “Come here!” And if I had just been in, she would say, “No, isn’t there somebody else here?” Guess she was tired of looking at me.

On Sunday morning David Green stopped in just before time to leave for Sunday school. While I was talking with him, Mama remembered that it was Sunday and started cutting cookie dough to make cookies for the lady that talks (our preacher) and “the man” (this week that was Mr. Brown who sits with us in church). I called the church and told them we were going to be a little late. Mama checked on the cookies after less than a minute. I told her they weren’t ready. I had to stop her from taking them out of the oven too early. She didn’t let them cool very long so they were a bit scrunched in the baggie, but they sure smelled yummy.

She read a really quick lesson for Dan, Charlene, and me—I had to speed her up since we were so late. She was ready to leave church early, but I managed to keep her there until the final amen.

She slept from around 2:00 PM to 5ish. She was back in bed by 6:20 Sunday evening. She yelled for me to come in a few times. Michelle said she got up once, sat by the dining room window for a few minutes. Asked if that thing was hers (the vehicle in the driveway) told her she was pretty, and then went back to bed. Mama was snoring when I got up at 5:50 AM. She had begun stirring when I went in to tell her goodbye.

She was already in bed when I got home at 4:30 this afternoon. Penny said she kept her at her house until around 3:00. As soon as Mama came into the house, she heated up her meal, ate two bites, and went to bed. I have seen her once since I have been home. Guess she is just tired.

Need to go read some journals.

Hugs until next time……