My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Mama has had her days and nights mixed up this week.

Monday during the day, Mama had several poopy episodes. Poor Penny got her cleaned up and dressed, and then she would mess up again. Luckily Mama was not doing that anymore by the time I got home.

Michelle had most of last week without even seeing Mama. This week she saw her almost every night--all night long. She takes Mama to her house when Mama has one of her active evenings so I can sleep. She keeps Mama there as long as she can.

Wednesday morning I got up and they weren't back, yet. I decided to go ahead and take my shower. When I finished, they still weren't back. I was kind of enjoying being here by myself. Around 6:20 they still weren’t back. Michelle is never late. I began to worry. I mean what if they were upside down in a ditch somewhere between Michelle’s house and ours? I would feel so guilty for “enjoying” my morning. I waited a few more minutes and then decided to call Michelle. A very groggy voice answered the phone. Michelle and Mama were conked out at her house. I was VERY relieved that all was well. A short while later, Beverly called to tell me she was having car trouble and wouldn’t be able to come in that day. Michelle was kind enough to stay with Mama until Penny could get here.

Thursday night, Michelle took Mama. I told them not to party too much without me. Friday morning, Michelle brought Mama in and said, “We partied ALL night long!” Evidently Mama had pulled her “run to the door looking for someone” all night long! Poor Michelle, sure hope she gets some rest this weekend.

More later,


Mama went to bed around 5:00 Friday evening. I was about to hit the sack around 9:00 that evening when she came waltzing in all dressed and ready for a new day. I groaned, but knew I might as well just go with the flow. She ate breakfast, and then she wanted to go. I decided we would ride into town because her car needed gasoline. I detoured by Sonic so I could get her a milkshake. We were home by 10:30. We ate again, and then she was ready to again. I drove around the block. When I pulled into our driveway, she was ssssooooo happy to be at “my house!” We ate again, and she tried to go outside. I took both of her hands in mine and began to gently pull her toward her bedroom. I thought she was going to fight me, but after a token fuss, she went pretty easily. I got her pajamas out of the closet, and she said, “Do you want me to do that?” I said, “Please.” She got ready for bed, took her night time medicine, and thankfully went to bed around midnight. She (we) slept until around 9:00 Saturday morning.

Saturday was not too bad. After breakfast she was ready to go. I had not been to the post office for a couple of days so thought I had better go unload our mail boxes. It was such a pretty day, and I definitely was not quite ready to eat again so I decided to drive down to Sargent.

Back home around 12:25 PM, Mama fixed me a luscious meal consisting of 2 doughnuts (Penny had made them on Friday), a clump of peach cobbler (Penny made this too, bless her heart and my waistline), a clump of spaghetti (Penny again), a few green beans, and a roll. Mama’s plate had one bite of chicken, 6 green beans, a clump of spaghetti, a clump of cobbler, and a roll. Guess she is still trying to get the four food groups into us, but she does not know what makes up those groups anymore!

Bed time came shortly after this well-balanced meal. I decided I had better snooze a bit since I had no idea what the rest of the weekend would bring.

She was back up and ready for a “new” day at 4:15 Saturday afternoon. We ate breakfast around 4:30, meal #2 around 5:10, meal #3 at 5:30, and back to bed at 5:50. Her parting words were, “You can do that thing because I am going there.” I think she meant that she was going to sleep and her cookies were in the living room. She was up and down a bit until I decided soak in the tub around 7:00. I didn’t hear her moving around much. I decided to hit the sack around 8:00 with anticipation of a short night. She did get up to use the bathroom a few times, but pretty much slept all Saturday night. She was up and ready to get dressed between 7:30 and 8:00 this Sunday morning.

We went to Sunday school and church. I was in trouble again because I didn’t tell her we were going there so she didn’t have cookies to give anyone. (I did try to tell her, but she refused to listen!!! Of course, her hearing aids don’t work anymore, but that is no excuse!) We came home, ate a couple of meals by 1:00 and she was ready for bed. I must admit that I don’t fuss too much when she goes down that early. It is prime naptime for me!! I heard her wandering around, but had locked the front door so wasn’t too worried about her. I did get up around 3:00, walked into the living room, and discovered the middle window wide open with the screen barely hanging on. I shut the window. Mama came stumbling in and said, “Oh, you did that thing. I did it so the man could come in.” Now I am not sure if she is waiting for Santa Claus, a burglar, or who.

She has been wandering in and out for a while. I guess I should go put her clothes out so she can go ahead and get up, but I really am not quite ready for another of her meals. I also would hate for Mama to sleep all night; Michelle would be so bored.

Hugs to all,