My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Friday, December 12, 2003

Mama is still into creative dressing. I walked into her room after soaking in the tub last night. She had her blanket, top sheet, and bedspread all rolled up and seemed to be trying to put them on as a dress. When I tried to pull them off the bed, she grabbed hold as if I was going to throw them away. I finally convinced her that she would be much more comfortable in a dress. She smiled and let go of the bed clothes and put on her dress.

When I told Michelle about the blanket incident, she started laughing and said she had heard Mama scrambling around one other night. When she went to check on her, Mama had the pink blanket on as a dress with her pink beads to match! It took Michelle a bit of time to convince Mama to put on something more "suitable" for evening wear!!

I had to strip the bed as it was sopping wet. Mama's Depends were also soaking. I convinced her to put on dry Depends and picked up her old ones to put them in a closed container (yuck!) They were so soaked in urine that I thought I would throw my back out trying to pick them up! I am surprised she was able to stand up since they were so heavy! Maybe that explains why she has become so unsteady on her feet---hummmmm!

She let me change her sheets without too much fuss. Usually she puts it back on as quickly as we can take it off. It is amazing how quickly she can move when she thinks we are going to take something that belongs to her!! And talk about strong--her grip is unbelievable!! Guess all those days of making homemade goodies built up her "grip" muscles!!

Penny said Mama slept much of yesterday. She got up when I came home and fixed me a plate of food. I had bought some different rolls which confused her. She ended up taking a handful of corn and putting it in the toaster oven instead of bread. So for supper last night I guess I had some "corn" bread!!

Mama's doctor is retiring. I don't know what we will do now. Am sure he deserves time off, but we will certainly miss him!

Need to go grade some papers, but wanted to update this before I forgot.