My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wednesday: June 23
Dear All,

Mama had two more sweaty-disoriented spells this morning. Penny and I decided the spells were serious enough to warrant taking Mama in to be checked. It has been a long day, but the doctor thinks Mama had a couple of Mini-Strokes. This is evidently quite common in Alzheimer patients.

We left for the hospital around 11:30 this morning and left around 5:30. Needless to say, it was a long afternoon. We came home; Mama ate and went to bed. I went to check on her a few minutes ago. She got up and is eating as I type this.

We will add Plavics (sp?--blood thinner) to her daily regimen, and make an appointment for her to be checked by her regular doctor later on.

I will write up all the lovely details when I am not so tired.

hugs to one and all,

Michelle kept Mama in her chair in the living room most of last night. Think it was as much for Michelle's peace of mind as it was for Mama's comfort. I left my door open, and kept an ear trained on the living room in case something happened. Michelle said Mama would lie there and twitch some, but thank goodness nothing drastic occurred.

Mama is still pretty weak, it took her a while to get moving this morning. Beverly got her breakfast ready and helped Mama to the table. She ate part of her cereal and then headed for the refrigerator. I helped steady her. She put her cereal bowl in the fridge and immediately got out her "regular" plate. She went right back to the dining room, put the plate in the microwave and ate again. She has made a few more trips to the fridge for her food, shuffled to the microwave, and eaten so I think she may just be on the mend. She is back in bed right now. Just hope she continues to get stronger. (am still working on a play by play of our emergency room experience)

We have really had the rain! So far our land is above the water. It is really wet, though. Betty and I were planning to head for Houston today to see the Machu Picchu exhibit at one of the museums. We figured we would go find out how much we missed because of the sweat in our eyes and the shortness of breath from climbing all those steps at that high altitude when we were at the actual site in Peru. But guess we will postpone that adventure for a dryer time when we don't have to worry about getting caught in high water.

The rain is also postponing hay baling. Luckily it hasn't been cut yet. Past years it rained between the cutting and the baling. This is not a good thing!!

Do I sound country or what?