My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Saturday, August 14, 2004

I made it through the four days of meetings at work. They really weren't too bad since most of them finished early which gave me time to visit and work in my room. My classroom is ready enough for the kids to come, but I will probably go up for a little while to polish up my first day letters to students/parents outlining my expectations for the year.

My classes look okay. The first class has 15, next one has 20, and Pre-AP has 24. Once again I will end the day with a large class. The difference is these are supposed to be the bright kids (or at least the ones whose parents think they are bright!!)

Mama is doing fairly well. Her allergies have her eyes really gunked up and one of her tear-ducts is swollen. We have tried putting warm washcloths on it, but she won't let them stay long enough to do any good. She also shuts her eyes so tightly that it is extremely difficult to get the gunk off. Dr. Tommy is here so maybe he can help us find a solution.

Tommy came in last night. We were both tired so we didn't get to visit too much. Penny is coming to watch Mama today, and Beverly will be here tonight and part of tomorrow. I have to go meet and greet the sixth graders and their parents at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. The school district has a Meet the Teacher night the second week of school so we will be well met.

My puppies are growing so fast. They have not been happy to be left at home while I go "play" at school. I have to pen them up to keep them out of the car. Then they try to find something to destroy to "punish" me for having the nerve to leave them home. It is so interesting to be loved so much!!!!

Need to go check on Mama and puppies. Hugs to all,