My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Well, the coffee table is now behind the maroon LazyBoy chair. After all of Mama's stumbling, everyone was afraid she might fall on that, too. She could do a lot of damage to herself if she hit that piece of furniture since it is wood and covered with framed photos and all kinds of breakable stuff. The living room looks huge without it. Don't know if Mama has noticed it being moved, but I sure have!

Michelle is still under the weather. Hope she is better soon. When I finish this, I will call and check on her.

Beverly and Mama just left to go riding. I had Mama last night. I gave her a dose of her new medicine around 6:00 like the doctor had suggested. Guess it took a while to kick in since she wandered back and forth between her bed, the front door, the fridge, the microwave, and the diningroom table from the time I got home until around 7:30. I headed for my bed around 8:30 deciding I had better get in a little sleep in case she decided to have one of her roaming nights. She slept until around 11:00 when I heard her get up and go to her bathroom. I check on her. Got a piece of a cookie and hugs and kisses. She went back to sleep until around 1:30 AM when she got up to eat. Her plate was just about empty so I slipped a few bites to her so she would have something other than air to chew!

She was back in bed by 1:50, but she didn't go back to sleep. She kept calling out, "Come to me and I'll give you one." Around 2:20 AM she wandered up to the front of the house and asked, "Are we going?" I guided her back to her bed. A couple of minutes later she was wandering and I heard her talking so I dragged myself up to investigate. She was in the guest bedroom. I think she was looking for me, but I am not really sure. I took her back to her room. She immediately started , "Come to me because I have one for you." I just held my breath hoping maybe she would settle in for the rest of the night. She kept calling out, "Come to me." So I went in to see her, she said, "Here's one for you. Thank you for coming."

I crawled back into my bed. At 2:32 she came in to give me a cookie. I gave her an antihistamine. She still hollered for me to come to her. So I gave up and crawled in bed with her. I kind of patted her on the arm until she started snoozing. I stayed with her until about 7:30 this morning when she was snoring big time. I snuck out to go to the bathroom and crawled back into my bed for a little bit. I got up when Beverly came in around 8:20.

It wasn't too bad of a night, but I am certainly glad I didn't have to teach school today. Beverly is working today and tonight. I will have Mama tomorrow which isn't too bad if I can convince her to go to church. If Michelle is feeling better, she will come Sunday night. If not, Beverly will come back since there is no guarantee which nights Mama will sleep all night and which ones she won't.

Need to go either do something constructive or take a nap.

Until next time....

Friday, January 30, 2004

Hallelujah!!!! Penny gave Mama one dose of her new medicine yesterday right after she talked with Dr. S. I gave her another dose around 6 PM last night. She slept from around 6:30 to 8ish. She was kind of up and down for a while. This morning Beverly said that Mama slept from around 11:00 PM to about 6:00 AM. I guess Mama was snoring big time, too. She had to have been exhausted--I know we were!!! (I was from just listening to all her activities!!) I think Beverly might have been a little jittery after Mama jumping up and down the past few nights--I mean when she does sleep you begin to wonder if she is still breathing!! Will keep you posted on how it goes tonight. If Michelle is still ill, I will take Mama-watch tonight. I told Beverly she deserves a break!!!

Until next time....

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dear All,

Mama was a bit unsteady yesterday. Beverly called me during my first period class to tell me Mama had fallen going from the half bath to her bed. I guess she grabbed the curtain to steady herself, but ended up pulling the whole shebang down. Beverly said she had checked Mama over and she didn't seem to be hurt. When I got home from work, Penny was sitting in the living room with a glazed expression on her face. I asked what had happened. She said Mama had stumbled when she was going into the dining room. She evidently grabbed the wire stand with the toaster oven on it. She must have dumped the whole thing over. We keep glasses and serving dishes on the shelves under the toaster. Broken glass went everywhere. Beverly was still here, thank goodness. It took both of them to keep Mama out of the broken glass. She wanted to be in the big middle of all the activity.

Michelle has been ill. Beverly subbed for her Tuesday night. Michelle thought she could make it to work last night, but she ended up feeling too bad to come. She tried to call Beverly, but wasn't able to get in touch with her. She called me around 8 last night. I told her not to worry about us. I could watch Mama over night. I went ahead and got ready for bed. Beverly called around 10 to see if Michelle had shown up. I brought her up to date and told her that I would watch Mama. Beverly told me she would be here shortly since I had to work today. I told her that wasn't necessary, but she disagreed. While I waited for Beverly, Mama got up and ate a few times. When Beverly got here, I headed for bed. I peeked in on Mama and she was getting dressed. She was in the process of putting a second bra on over the one she already had on. I guess she thought it was her slip.

This morning I got up to discover that Mama had kept Beverly on the go until almost 5 AM. She said they went riding around for a while. As soon as they came back home, Mama wanted to go again. Beverly got her interested in eating. She said Mama must have eaten 10 times before she finally got her back into bed. As she crashed on the couch, Beverly said she was thinking about how "rested" I would not have been if she hadn't come to work. I was extremely grateful she had not listened to me!!

Michelle is still feeling under the weather tonight. I definitely didn't argue with Beverly when she called to say she would be here tonight!!

We are trying Mama on some new night-time medicine, Zyprexa. Dr. Sacco had suggested that this might get Mama back on a more normal schedule. Penny went by her office to pick up some samples. We are to keep track of how Mama does on it and get back with the doctor to discuss how she reacts.

I need to go get my bath. Mama slept from about 6:30 to 8ish. She has been calling me to come to her since then or coming in here to look out the window. I think she may be back to sleep as she hasn't called out in a bit.

oops, spoke too soon. She just called out, "" letting time pass between each word. Gotta go.
hugs until next time.