My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Can't believe a whole week of "vacation" is over. I worked in my room at school some trying to go through and get rid of stuff and organize other treasures. I have let it go so long that it is taking a while to do it all. I found out the maintenance team will be painting the outside of our building next week. I want to finish up, but am not sure I want to be there for the painting. Will just have to see.

Beverly's son got home yesterday. I told her that she could have time off if she needed it. Her brother had a get-together for the whole family so she took off yesterday evening. Since Michelle is part of that family, I told her I would watch Mama last night so she could visit without worrying about coming to work.

Mama did really well for me. She went to sleep around 7:30 last night and slept straight through to 5:00 this morning. She got up and ate a few times and then went back to sleep until around 9:00. Penny came for the morning shift, and I headed to Lake Jackson to help boost their economy. I wanted to find some more day dresses for Mama. Target didn't have any, but Wal-Mart did. I got some really pretty ones that don't look too much like nightgowns. They are bright colors so hope they look nice on her. I got size small because the mediums are now falling off of her shoulders. Don't know what to do if she loses any more weight!! Penny had some liquid vitamins so she tried them on Mama. Mama seemed to like them okay so maybe that will help perk her up. She was stuffing her mouth so full that we were afraid she was going to choke or smother from storing too much food in her cheeks. She seems to be doing much better since I ground up her meat and cut up her rolls into small bite-sized pieces.

We are having trouble getting Mama to swallow her medicine. Some of it can be crushed up. We mix those with applesauce or something else kind of sweet. She takes it right down. Her allergies were really getting bad so I read the back of the Claritin box--I had been getting the time released kind, and it says not to crush it or melt it. So, duh, now I know why her allergy medicine wasn't working. I found some non-drowsy melt in your mouth type today. She chewed it right up. We will see if this helps keep her eyes from gunking up so much.

Tommy, Beverly heard on the news that Zyprexa is supposed to cause all kinds of awful things. Have you heard anything about this???

Beverly is here tonight. I think Mama has finally fallen asleep. I guess I had better think about hitting the hay myself since tomorrow I will have Mama until Michelle comes to work at 10 PM.

My puppies are growing and getting really chewy. They chew on me and each other. I am reading a book on how to train them with a clicker. Guess I will need to start that pretty soon, or they may chew each other up!!

Hugs to all,