My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Friday, June 20, 2003

Mama slept better last night, thank goodness. She is already in bed tonight, and it isn't even 5:00 P.M. Hope this doesn't mean she will be up ready for the day in the middle of the night. Will keep you posted.

Today I finished up my gift certificate at the Day Spa. I feel so pampered and special. I have painted fingernails and toenails, and a new hairdo. Too bad I don't have anywhere to go to show it off!! I did go get my new driver's license photo taken. Guess I had better not break any driving laws as the cops won't recognize me in my "normal" hair!!

Tommy comes home this evening. It will be interesting to see what he says about Mama's condition. I think she is worse, but the sleepless nights may be influencing my opinion.

Need to go do some more organizing. Until next time...........

Thursday, June 19, 2003

I guess it was a really good thing I was nice and relaxed yesterday evening. I should have known better, but when Penny left, she told me she hoped Mama slept okay. Silly me, I told her that Mama never roams for two nights in a row.

Mama went to bed early. Then she got up and wandered around about every half hour until 10:00. Then she started jumping up about every 15 minutes asking me where her things were (clothes for the next day) I kept telling her it wasn't time to get up. She would fuss a little and then go back to bed. At 3:30 A.M., she had on her hose and shoes before I realized she was awake again which meant she was up for good. So I went ahead and put out her clean clothes for the "day." (I usually hold off putting them out until the last possible moment, or she will get up and get dressed when she gets up to go to the bathroom.)

She got dressed and headed for the front of the house. I moved to the couch so I could keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't hurt herself. She started gathering pens, pencils, spoons, knives, scissors, doggie treats, and heaven only knows what else to try to open the dead bolt on the front door. The whole time she was fussing at me to open the door. I told her it was dark outside, and I would not open the door until the sun came up. At one point she picked up one of Bandit's doggie treats, put it up to the keyhole, stopped herself and said, "That won't work." She was so tired from running all over the house that I thought she was going to stumble and fall over. She kept working until I finally gave in and opened the door around 6:00. She went outside looking for "the lady that went out there." Of course no one was there (thank goodness!). She finally sat down in her recliner and dozed for a little bit. I had to be at the dentist by 9:00 so I didn't get much sleep.

She went to bed before 5:00 today. She has made one trip through checking things out. Just hope I am not in for another night like last night. Uh oh, she just made another trip through the house. Maybe I should go to be now, too!!


Yesterday was marvelous. A couple of parents of my PreAP students took up a collection from the kids in that class to get me an end of school gift. They gave me a gift certificate to a Day Spa in Bay City. Wednesday I went for the hour long massage and facial. The facial was okay, but the massage was fabulous. I will keep that in mind as a treat for myself when I get all tensed up or just when I want to pamper myself. Friday I go for the manicure, pedicure and hairstyle. Then I will write about my adventures and send it as a thank you to all the kids in that class. This is the best end of school gift I have ever received!!

Penny kept Mama at her house until around 3:30 so I could come home and take a nap since Mama was up off and on until around 2:00 A.M. I came home intending to do some things around the house, but never got passed the bed.

All in all it was a terrific day!!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

I have lost count of the times we have eaten this weekend. Mama has had at least two days for every one most people experience!

I had the brilliant idea to ask Penny to come on Saturday mornings. I just knew that would take care of Mama’s confusion on how long Saturday really lasts. Silly me!!!

Penny and her daughter (the 3 year old) came around 8:30. We decided Penny would feed Mama before she brought her home. I worked in the house while they were gone, going through things, washing clothes, clearing out junk and trash. Mama wants my attention when she is awake, and I am afraid to do too much when she is asleep as I don't want to wake her up.

They got home around 12:30. Penny said Mama ate a really good lunch, but that didn't stop Mama from going straight to the refrigerator and getting food out as soon as she walked in the door. She was furious with both Penny and me for not eating with her. I had eaten just before they came; Penny had eaten with Mama just before they came home. Mama ate a few bites of her meal and all of her peaches—she loves the sweet stuff! She then put everything up while I washed up the dishes. Penny left. Mama waited about 30 minutes and guess what she did. You got it; she set the table and got out the food for another meal. I ate some yogurt or something as it was still not even 2:00 which means Mama ate three times in around 2 hours. She then kissed me and headed for bed. I thought I had better get a little rest myself since I had no idea what kind of schedule she would be on. I could not imagine her sleeping from 2:00 in the afternoon straight through to Sunday morning.

Around 5:30, I decided to put her clothes out as if it was morning. She got dressed the next time she woke up. The best thing for me was that she didn’t argue with me when I told her it was Saturday; she decided I must be right because Penny had been here “the day before.” She came in, ate breakfast, watched a little television, ate lunch, made cookies to take to the preacher and "that man", talked several times to the recording on the telephone that says, “if you are trying to make a call please hang up and try again”, ate supper, took her Saturday night bath, and kissed me goodnight all before ten o’clock.

She slept pretty much through the night into Sunday morning. I got up around 7:00 A.M. and put her clothes out for Sunday school and church. She got up a little later and thanked me for putting her things out. We got ready, and she only fussed at me for a little while about it being time to leave “right now!” Dan and Charlene were there for the first time since he broke his leg. It was nice not to be the only one in Sunday school listening to Mama’s foreign language. A sample: “Jesus went to the well.” comes out “Jesuden endason to aden lesidon.” I have no clue where she is getting her words!! It is just really sweet of Dan and Charlene to sit through this. They have been friends with my family for a lot of years, bless them.

Church was fine. Afterwards we headed for Golden Corral for lunch. Mama just sat in the car when I parked in the restaurant parking lot. I said, “Come on let’s eat.” She said, “Oh, you want me to go in there?” When we walked in the door, she figured out we were there for lunch. Several of the workers came up and made a fuss over me paying for a “To Go” meal last Sunday. I told them that I read the sign which said no more to go boxes for the buffet; I knew Mama would probably want to take food with her; I bought an extra plate. It was really not a big deal as I added some steak and a potato which Penny and I ate on all week. They were embarrassed about it since we have been eating there for so long. The lady who has worked there the longest told me, “Don’t you pay for an extra meal to take her leftovers home. You just tell your waitress that I said to bring you a little "to go" dish.” After all of that, Mama ate every bite on her plate so there was nothing to bring home!

We headed home. Mama sat in the living room for about 10 minutes; got up fixed her a meal; hugged me; went to bed by 2:00. I could not convince her that it wasn't time for bed so I just let her go. I figured I would do like the day before and just let her take a nap. I was a little afraid that she would fuss about Penny not coming, but she actually did just fine. She ate her breakfast; lunch, and supper and is already back in bed. It is now 10:00 p.m. Sunday, June 15, 2003.

I guess I had better go to bed myself as I have no idea what time tomorrow will begin.