My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Dear All,

Mama has not seemed to be feeling tip-top the end of this week. Beverly stayed on Hospice until they sent a nurse out to check on her. They discovered that the urinary tract infection is back. We now have her on medication for it. She already seems to be better.

Last night I had brought the puppies inside a little early because we had smelled a skunk. I certainly did not want to deal with sprayed puppies!! Christie asked me what I would do if they got sprayed. I told her that they would be in the doghouse--literally!! I draw the line at sleeping with skunky puppies!! They were so happy to be inside that they were bouncing off the walls.

Tommy came home this weekend into the puppy storm. I finally told him good-night and took the "boys" to bed. They tend to calm down pretty quickly when I put them in bed. So I didn't get to visit with Tommy very much last night.

Mama had broken the frames to her glasses--hiding them under her covers and chewing on them. Since she can't see without them (cataract surgery) I decided I had better get some new frames. I went to the place we had bought them, and they did not even have a record of us. The lady was kind of whine-y and my patience was leaving quickly. She finally found a catalog with the frames in it, and said she could order new ones since none of the ones in the store were the correct size. Those would not have been in until the middle of next week so I just took her glasses and went to TSO. They found a frame and had the lenses switched over in less than 15 minutes. So Mama can see once again!!

It is the end of the six weeks so I need to finish up grades. (a never ending cycle!!)

Hugs to one and all,