My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Saturday, September 06, 2003

When I got up Friday morning, Michelle grinned and said, "We have been busy!" Evidently Mama came out dressed around 3:00 AM. She wanted to go. So Michelle put her in a vehicle and headed out for a ride. She said she didn't even make it to the stop sign at the end of our road before Mama said, "Take me to my house." I guess they drove around for about an hour then Mama spent the rest of the night running to the door looking for the hoards of people who come to visit us at that time of night!! Michelle lost count of the number of times Mama went out to look in the cars. I guess she opened the door to Michelle's truck every single time.

Michelle left, and Mama heated up dinner for my breakfast. I couldn't quite work myself up for meat, and whatever else was on the plate. I pushed it aside and ate my cereal. Mama had meat, shriveled up green beans, and a clump of rice that had been heated so many times it was a crunchy mass. She tried to break the rice apart with her fork, her fingers, her knife. Finally she picked up the whole clump, bit a chunk off, a tried to chew it. She worked on it a while and then swallowed. She then headed for bed at 6:30 AM.

I am not sure how long Penny let her sleep. When I got home Friday afternoon, Penny said that Mama refused to get dressed that morning. So Penny just took her in her nightclothes. She had kept Mama up all day so she would sleep last night. When they got to our house, Mama paid her back by having one of her famous poopy "accidents". Penny was cleaning up Mama and the bathroom when I walked in. YUCK! I think Mama even had some in her mouth. Penny brushed her teeth twice. It was really gross.

Mama did sleep all Friday night. She was up and dressed by 7:00 AM. We had breakfast by 7:30, next meal at 9:15. She was heading for a third meal by 10:00, but I herded her into the car so we could pick up some medicine and groceries. She hugged a few people, complained because there was nowhere to sit in the grocery store, fussed because I would not take her home, NOW, fussed when I went to the Post Office to check the mail, thanked me profusely when we pulled into our driveway. She told me that we were at her house! We had our third meal at 11:45.

She was headed back to bed by 12:15 telling me as she pointed toward her Lazy Boy in the living room, "And there is nothing on account because somebody might come." (translation: There are cookies in my chair in case anyone comes by--at least I think that is what she was trying to say.)

She was up and dressed by 3:00 this afternoon. She had breakfast shortly thereafter. Meal #2 was served at 3:55. Meal #3 at 4:35. She was headed back to bed by 5:00 saying, "I'm going to sleep and you can have my dog." "You can use my thing." "You can use my money." And finally as she pointed toward the living room, "I'm going to sleep and you can get that lady in there."

She has wandered through a few times, but I haven't seen her for over an hour. Hope this means she is down for the night. But it may mean another interesting night for ME!.

Better go get a few winks before she starts running.

until next time,

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Tommy was home this weekend. Mama fixed so many meals; we lost count of which times we were eating and which times we were "pretending" to eat. I was able to get away for a little while both Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed my time, thanks Tommy.

I had a reporter call wanting some information about my deceased brother, George. I didn't have time to chat with him since Mama was dragging me to the dining room table for yet another meal. I told him to email me his questions and I would attempt to answer them. As I was trying to put my memories down on paper, Mama wandered in from her "nighttime napping session" and handed me a bundle of fabric. She said she had found it. Turns out it was the flag that had been draped over George's casket. That was like really eerie!! Am not sure if George was trying to shut me up or give me the message that it was okay to share info with the media. I mean that flag has been in her dresser drawer for a long time. Why did she suddenly find it last night????? ooooooeeeeeeeooooooo.

Penny and I got mixed up on directions this morning. I ended up bringing Mama to school with me again. This time I took her into the cafeteria where all the students gather in the morning. She kissed and hugged her way through a multitude of kids and adults. She was so happy.

I took her to my room when the bell rang. Michelle had been kind enough to help make and bake enough cookies for all my students. My morning group was able to hug her and tell her thank you while she was still here. All my kids are sending hand-made thank you notes. I know Mama will be glad to get the notes and I am sure she will be talking about how glad everyone was to see her this morning. My other classes are upset that she left before they came to my room, but I don't think I could handle a whole day with Mama in my classroom!!

Hugs until next time.