My experiences while living with my mother and her Alzheimer's Disease.(her birthdate = January 2, 1925)

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Michelle said Mama got up four times last night. I heard her once when she opened my door and looked in, but didn't come into the room or speak to me. She left the door open, and left me alone the other times. Michelle said she would shuffle in to the living room, say she loved her, then go back to bed.

My day was great. I don't think I have been this happy to be back at work before.

Penny was here by 7:20 which gave me plenty of time to get to school on schedule. We had to listen to an insurance presentation, and then our superintendent only spoke for a little while. He turned us loose so we had time to work in our classrooms this morning. We had a nice lunch. Then a meeting on our campus this afternoon. I was home before 4:00. Mama ate and went to bed before 5:00. She has been through here a few times so will see if Michelle has a good night or not.

I have been working on some school stuff and checking my email.

Need to go for now. Thanks for thinking of us.


Monday, August 11, 2003

WOW! It is FINALLY Monday! I never thought I would be happy to say that!!

Dear All,

Mama was up and down several times before Michelle got here last night. Once she came in to tell me, "You the good one! I love you and I like you, too." She was conked out by the time Michelle arrived. I, needless to say, was ready to pass out after all my Sundays!!

About 2:30 AM I heard my door squeak open. Bet you can guess who it was--you got it, Mama! She had to wake me up to tell me she loved me. Then she shuffled in to visit with Michelle. She was "so surprised" to see someone in the living room that she immediately started running to the door looking for someone else!

This morning Michelle said Mama switched between stumbling back and forth to the door and trying to get dressed for the day (Michelle told her to wait until later to get dressed) until about 4:00 AM then she convinced Mama to go back to bed. Michelle said she walked Mama back, tucked her in, and kissed her goodnight. Mama slept until about 7:00 this morning.

I was able to sleep through most of it--of course, I did wake up for my personal "I love you" visit, and I may have heard the return to bed, but I was dreaming about something similar so am not sure what was real and what was dream. In my dream, I had taken Mama to a meeting; it started raining; I couldn't find the car. I told Mama to wait while I looked; she didn't; I lost her. A friend found her; somehow we ended up in a hotel room, got caught for not checking in, found the car; I woke up. I am now exhausted just from the dream. I am waiting for Penny to arrive.

Tomorrow I go back to work for real. This should be interesting!!!

Will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Still and forever Sunday, Aug. 10

Our pastor came to visit around 4:00 this afternoon. Mama was asleep. I woke her up!! She stumbled out and was so excited to have a visitor that she hugged her and walked to the door to see if anyone was out there (sorry Pastor Linda!!). Mama sat down to visit acting like she knew who our visitor was. I later figured out she must have thought it was Penny because she asked her if she was going to pick up her daughter. During our visit, Dan called to check on us since we hadn't made it to church. While I was chatting with him, Mama got up and headed out the door to see if anyone was in our cars. Pastor Linda and I (still chatting on the phone) followed her out and guided her back in the door. Pastor Linda almost slipped away, but I made her come in a hug Mama goodbye! Otherwise, I would have been explaining where she had gone for who knows how long!! Mama is once again back in bed. I imagine Michelle is going to have an exciting night tonight. Mama will be all rested up and ready to roam!!

so long for now.


At 2:40 Sunday afternoon, Mama fixed ANOTHER meal. She was furious when I wouldn't eat. "Aren't you going to eat yours?" says Mama after taking two bites of her meal and then putting it up.

Exasperated, I shook my head no.

She says, "YOU should eat yours."

her blessing: "Dear God and Dear God, Two of us, We'll eat. Amen"

3:20 And yet another meal. Yum yum. I took a couple of bites; she was happy.

blessing "Dear God, Two of us, and then we'll go get that. Um Huh"

3:35 she's headed back to bed!!!!

Guess I was right, we are going to have three days in one today!!!

I keep thinking I would take her for a ride, but her days go so fast, I haven't had a chance to get her into the car!!

Am sure there will be more later!!

me again.

Saturday night: 7:50 PM
I have had a few calls wondering if we are okay over here since no one has heard from me. Sorry. This has been a busy week. Penny was sick on Monday so I got to be with Mama. Tuesday I had meetings with the seventh grade Language Arts teachers at school. Wednesday I was getting ready for a presentation on Literary terms for the 4th and 5th grade teachers on Thursday. Thursday I did the presentation. Friday Penny's little girl was sick. Today Mama and I have already eaten around sixty times, and she has been to bed twice. Sure hope she sleeps the whole night!!

Michelle is doing a great job. There are nights she doesn't have much to do. But those other nights keep her jumping. Thank goodness she is here. I start back to work officially on Tuesday. The upcoming weeks will tell whether I can continue to keep Mama here at the house. If she lets me sleep, then it should be okay for a while.

Guess I had better go get ready for bed. It is early according to the real world, but in Mama's world night time began two hours ago.


Saturday night: 8:10 PM
Well Mama just shuffled through, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said, "You're so pretty sick."

So I have gone from "so good" to "so pretty" all the way to "Pretty Sick!!" Can't wait to hear what I am next.

Sunday morning: 9:30 AM

This morning Mama was up and dressed by 6:00; we ate breakfast around 6:15, "lunch" at 8:00, "supper" at 9:00. She is back in bed for the "night" and it is only 9:30 in the morning. We should be getting in the car and heading for Sunday school. I tried to talk Mama into staying up, but she had her mind made up, and she wasn't about to listen to me. I guess I should have gotten dressed for church when we first got up, but didn't want her fussing for three-and-a-half-hours about leaving "right now!!!!" When she headed for her bed, she told me "You can have my hand in case someone comes." (translation--maybe?--Give cookies to the flock of visitors that come just as soon as her head hits the pillow!!)

I am kind of worried about her going back to bed so early. Does this mean our Sunday will be three days long instead of the usual two????????? Talk about a long weekend!

I go back to work full time on Tuesday. Maybe a regular schedule will put her back on track. Guess we will just have to wait and see! It shouldn't take too long to find out if we will be able to keep Mama at home. This coming week will be the "test" as I have meetings all week. The students will come on Monday, August 18. What happened to starting after Labor Day?? But guess it is okay as I don't think I could take another month of Mama on summer vacation!!

Until next time...